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XML Critical Discourse Analysis of Bilawal Bhutto’s Speech at United Institute of Peace in Washington DC

XML More... Volume 8, Issue 7 (7-2018)

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XML Comparative analysis of Russian, Turkish and Kabardino-Circassian set expressions with zoocomponents
L. H. Kharaeva, Z. Kh. Dzhankhotova, L. M. Abazova, K. V. Abazova *, M. K. Unezheva
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XML Geography And Spatial Analysis In Diachronic Linguistics
Krasikova E.N *, Lomteva . T.N , Kamensky M.V ., Kalashova A.S , Chepurina I.V , Nagamova N.V
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XML Bilingualism and Comparison of the Attitudes of the Learners towards Foreign Language Learning
Halil Küçükler *
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XML Cognitive-Perceptive Features And Communicative Orientation Of Nominative Meaning Of The Verbs Of Olfactory Semantics In French
Arkadiy P. Sedykh *, Inna A. Koteneva, Natalia V. Trescheva, Nellya L. Krivchikova, Tatiana V. Osintseva
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XML Concept formation as a method of developing creativity in the "Tourism" branch students in the process of foreign language learning
A.L. Gelyastanova , A.Kh. Malkanduyeva , F.A. Tugusheva *, A.G. Khamurzova , L.Kh.Kharaeva
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XML Analysis of the linguistic and educational capabilities of ICT tools for organizing and conducting project activities in teaching foreign languages
Lyudmila Petrovna Merkulova1 *, Krasnoshchekova Galina Alekseyevna2 , Elena Vladimirovna Smirnova3 , Liliya Alexandrovna Meteleva4 , Irina Anatolyevna Kireeva5
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