Reviewers Responsibility

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Reviewers’ Responsibility
  •  All reviewers are currently engaged within the field of Applied Linguistics. The role of reviewers is an important one because they contribute to the quality of editorial decision-making. Reviewers are required to:
  • Provide an unbiased review of the paper rooted in their current understanding of the field and of the recent research and literature.
  • Complete their reviews within the timeframe agreed at the time of accepting the request to review. This timeliness is important in helping authors achieve publication within a reasonable time and in keeping issues of the journal on schedule.
  • Inform the editor of any substantial similarity to other papers of which they are aware.
  • Treat all review materials in confidence.
  • Inform the editor if they believe they may have a conflict of interest in undertaking the review (for example, but not limited to, declaring any professional or personal relationship which might compromise the review).

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