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Hamed Ghaemi,Assistant Professor in TEFL,Islamic Azad University (IAU),Iran
Mohammad Shirazipour Chairman and Founder, Iran

Editorial Board:
Barbara  Sicherl Kafol,Full Professor of Music Education University of Ljubljana,slovenia
Agüero-Calvo Evelyn,Professor of Mathematics,Technological Institute of Costa Rica
Tito Anamuro John Albert,Assistant professor Universidad del Norte,Colombia
Dlayedwa Ntombizodwa,Lecturer,University of the Western Cape,South Africa
Doro Katalin,PhD in Applied Linguistics,Department of English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics,University of Szeged,Hungary
Dutta Hemanga,Assistant Professor of Linguistics,The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU),India
Fernández Miguel,PhD,Chicago State University,USA
Grim Frédérique M. A.,Associate Professor of French,Colorado State University,USA
Izadi Dariush,PhD in Applied Linguistics,Macquarie University,Sydney,Australia
Kaviani Amir,Assistant Professor at Zayed University,UAE
Kirkpatrick Robert,Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics,Shinawatra International University,Thailand
Mouton Nelda,PhD in Education Management,North-West University (NWU),South Africa
Naicker Suren,Department of Linguistics and Translation,University of South Africa
Ndhlovu Finex,PhD,Linguistics Programme,University of New England,Australia
Raddaoui Ali Hechemi,PhD,Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics,University of Wyoming in Laramie,USA
Rolstad Kellie,PhD,Associate Professor of Education,University of Maryland,USA
Shahbazirad Mohammad,PhD candidate in English language and Literature,Yerevan State University,Armenia
Stobart Simon,PhD,Dean of Computing,Teesside University,UK
Suszczynska Malgorzata,Senior Assistant Professor,University of Szeged,Hungary
Weir George R. S.,PhD in Philosophy of Psychology,University of Strathclyde,Glasgow,UK
Zegarac Vladimir,PhD,University of Bedfordshire,UK

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