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Variational homotopy perturbation method to fractional Navier-Stokes equation
B. Ghazanfari, A.K. Baharvandi
Economic evaluation of the solar power generation for home uses in the city of Ahvaz
Abdollah afzali , Seyed Naser Saeidi , Jafar Ghasemi Varnamkhasti
The Evaluation of the Relationship between the Managers’ Abilities and Earning Quality in Accepted
Firms of the Stock Exchange
Abdollah Ghafory Nejad,Mohammad Amin Ojaghi,Fatemeh Malchi
Statesman characteristics and its pedagogy functions in Imam Ali(peace being upon him) point of
Akbar Gholami
Affirmative and privative behaviours of parties and make the powers responsible and maximizing
citizens’ partnership in their own political fate.
Alidad Shahbazi
Effect of stiffeners on behavior of steel plate shear walls
Aminallah-Karami, Mojtaba- Fathi
Gentrification a san appropriate approach for modernization of historical and old textures located in
Arezou Hadipour
Aesthetics in the Architecture of Ali Qapu Palace
Arezou Hadipour, Hashem Vazirizadeh
The Role of Norms Laws in Determining the Provisions of International Commercial Contracts
Atefeh Rouhi kargar ,Dr. Rasoul Parvin
Stability analysis of Gauss-Bonnet model
Bahador Khajehmiri Kasebkar
A Comparative Study of the Splash Glaze Pottery Works in China’s Tang Era and Iran’s Samani Era
Bahareh Heidari Venicheh, Iman Zakariaee Kermani, Mehrnoosh Shafiee Seraroudi
On fuzzy K - subalgebras and fuzzy K - ideals over a t - norm
Basira Monfared, Mohsen Asghari-Larimi
T - Fuzzy PS - Subalgebras of PS - Algebras
Basira Monfared, Mohsen Asghari-Larimi
Woman in the fables (čičekā) of Hormozghan
Behjat Najibi Finney, Afsaneh Pakdanan
Principles of government legitimacy in Ferdowsi's Šāh-nāma
Dalir Nayereh
Role of Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Textures in Urban Sustainable Development(Case Study: Sardargan Iranshahr Locality, Iran)
Eshagh Pad
The functionalism of repentance and recantation in the Holy Quran and Nahj al-Balagheh
Fatemeh Alaee Rahmani, Fahimeh Gholaminejad
the effect of behavior of teacher on motivation of learning and development of student
fatemeh fallahi emam zadeh, Parvin salari, PhD
Study of Challenges Facing Judicial Investigation in international Aviation Accident Cases and Analyzing the Role and Efficiency of the New Code on Determination of the Limits of Airlines Liability (adopted on 30/08/2012) in eliminating them
Dr Ebrahim Taghizadeh, Hadi Rahmani
Metal Percussion Instruments in Shahnameh
Hafez Sadeghpoor.Leila Bina Namin
Assessing the Effect of Near and Far Field -Fault Earthquake Torsional Components on a Short-Order Structures
Hamed Fakhriyeh, Mohsen Gerami, Seyed Amin Razavian,Hossein Shad
The Integrative Entity of Diya (Blood Money)Based on the Islamic Laws And the Penal Code in 2013
Hämed Homäyoun, Mehri Zámän Zädeh Behbáhäni
Validity or invalidity of issue date of checks issued by Iranian nationals inside and outside of the country
Hamid Reza Parhammehr, Iman Zeajeldi
Some results on fixed point and coupled fixed point theory in partially ordered fuzzy like (quasi) metric spaces
Hamid Shayanpour, Asiyeh Nematizadeh, Zohre Heidarpour
Criminal aspect of Torbat Heydarieh city in terms of drug crimes
Seyed Hossein Hosseini, Hassan Yousofi, Mehdi Fani Khalil Abad
The Role of Life Skills in Explaining the Social Competence of Boarding School Students
Hosein Dowlati
Evaluation of the effect of activity-based teaching method in small groups on mathematic abilities of eighth class students of first middle course
Jalalodin Goodarzi
The Role of E-Learning in educational progress in azad universtiy
Kamal Asadpour
Men and Monsters: Studying Identity Politics in Shakespeare's Othello.
Kaveh Khodambashi Emami
Investigating Structure and Content of Poetic Riddles in Persian Language (The second half of the third century through the end of the sixth century)
Khavar Ghorbani, Simin Kheyri
Time -Evaluation of the Modified Position and Momentum Operators in Harmonic oscillator Based on the Kempf Algebra
Khosrowpour Behrooz,Khosrowpour Behzad
Recognizing the effects of colors in urban spaces on user’s health components
Mozhgan Hasani kouchaki, Kourosh Salimi, Javad Khaksar Haghani,Abouzar Farjoodi Koohanjanid
Gaussian Wave Soliton Propagation in One-Dimensional Array of Waveguides with Surface Defects in the Deaf EnvironmentNora Ladan
Ladan Ahmadi Azar , FatemehMokhtari, Dr. Keivan Mahmoud Aghdami
Some generalized inequalities with matrix means
L. Nasiri and M. Shakoori
The Impact of Intellectualization of Schools onEnhancing Learning Quality of StudentsFrom the Viewpoint of Chahar-DangehPrimary-School Teachers
Leila Esma'eili, Tayyebeh Safa'ei, Mehran Faradjollahi
Evaluation of International Potentials of agricultural sector Northern provinces of Iran in partnership with the countries of the Caspian Sea region
Leila Vaseghi , Mehdi Ra’azjouyan , Seyed Abbas Hosseini
Examine the effects of color and colored in the Holy Defense Poetry (With emphasis on green)
Lila Davoodzadeh , Alireza Salehi, Fatemeh Davoodzadeh, Omid Zangeneh,Jaleh Davoodzadeh, Ardeshir Davoodzadeh
A field study on impact of age of the victim on determination of judicial punishment (Mashhad 2014)
Mahdi Karimi
the narrative elements of Soha Shirazi's masnavi based on polyphonic
Hosein Masjedi- Mahdieh Asadi
Ashura Image in Persian and Arabic Poems
Mahnaz Sohrabi, Dr. Alireza Hosseini
The Role of Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) in the promotion of women's environmental rights
Majid Asadnabizadeh, Shoja Arayesh
Protection of political group in international law
Sohaila Koosha, majid farhadi
The Religious Education of Children
Majid Farzi, Hossain Ahmadi Moghadam, Masoud Asadi Monfared
EPS and EBIT as Tools to Evaluate the Performance from the Perspective of Shareholders
Majid Jami
Conceptual metaphor of “has a good journey” poem by Shafiei Kadkani
Maryam Alimorady
Green roof, yard rehabilitating in houses and a way to sustainable architecture
Maryam Ghorbanzadeh
A study on exigencies and importance of native basics of architecture on contemporary residential buildingsCase study: residential facade of Bojnord's buldings
Maryam Ghorbanzadeh
The use of contemporary urban development patterns in organization of neighborhood Jamaleh District/Esfahan
Maryam Sadat Alavinejad, Maedeh Assarzadeh
Studying gender-based lexical differences among Iranian children from sociology of language point of view
Maryam Shahrokhy Shahraki
Best proximity point theorems in intutionistic Menger space
Maryam Shams, Shahnaz Jafari
Various Characters In Hafiz Poems
Masoomeh Rahmani nejad
Examining The Role Of Financial Instruments In The Development Of Machine Building Companies Listed In Tehran Stock Exchange
Mehdi Aghabeigi, Behzad Ahmadi, Amir Babaei
Principles for Designing Theatrewith an Emphasis on Interactive Space Language Factors Aspects
Dr. Mirza Ahmad Koochak Khoshnevis, Mehdi Zareei
The Effect of Inter-ladder Interaction in the Coupled FM Leg Ladders 3-Cl-4-F-VCrystal: Quantum Monte Carlo Study
Mina Pooreini, SeyedaliHashemizadeh, Jalal Jahangiri,HanifHadipour ,SaeedMahdavifar
examine the impact of free cash flow and dividend policy in Tehran stock exchange
Mohammad Ettefagh, Abdolreza Talaneh
Informing the learners of some basic principles as the first step toward a learning-centered approach in SLA and/or EFL
Mohammad Javad Moafi
Variability of Textual Features of Persian Translations by Translators’ Gender
Mohammad Javad Moafi
A Look to the Role of Literature, Culture, and Art in the Urban Foundation of Ancient Civilizations
Mohammad Javad Shapouri Moghaddam, Mohadeseh Rezaei
Electronic structure and optical properties of CdWO4 thin films
Mohsen Babamoradi, Mohammad Reza Liaee, Rouhollah Azimirad
Public Spaces and Social Interactions Enhancement Case Study: Tuba Cultural Centre and Dorahi Esini Cultural Centre -Bandar Abbas
Mohsen Zarei Hajiabadi, Alireza Pooyeh, Shiva Lashkari
Qualitative and Quantitative Investigation of Solutions for Promotion of Students’ Interest in Mathematics (a Case Study Carried out at Ghaderkhanzadeh School, in Baneh)
Narmin Me’mari
In Search of What and How to Define Islamic City
Nasrollah Eslami Mojaveri
What is the Role of The Arts in Primary School Curriculum? Teachers and Parents Perceptions and Expectations
Nasser Noushadi
Studying the Role of Cultural and Environmental Interactions in Formation of Architectural Structure of Iran
Nassim Tabrizi Nour, Mohammad Mansour Falamaki, Mahdi Bahari Avilagh
A Comparative Study on the Effect of instruction through PowerPoint Presentation and Whiteboard on EFL learners’ Essay Writing Ability
Nava Nourdad, Elnaz Tim Aghayi
Evaluation of Speech Acts in the Newly Developed Iranian EFL English Textbooks
Nava Nourdad, Zhila Mohammadnia, Laaya Roshani Khiabani
Stochastic cyclotron-harmonic excitation in a magnetized plasma
Nora Nassiri-Mofakham , Behzad Khosrowpour
A Comparative study of Iran's Teacher Training Centers with Japan, Germany, France, China , England, and Malaysia
.Dr. Roshanak Azari, Nour Ali Mehmandoust, Dr. Ali Jaanbozorgui
An Elixir called Parking in the cities of Iran
Pakzad Azadkhani
Aesthetics in the Architecture of Ali Qapu Palace
Parinaz Khabir
The Necessity of Cultural Engineering and its solutions
Parvin Salmanzadeh , Aazam Farhadi
Goals, methods and results of teaching philosophy to children, adolescents and youth
Aazam Farhadi , Parvin Salmanzadeh
The Architectural Identity and Crucial Role of Armenian Churches in Isfahan
Punik Simoni,Eisa Hojjat
A Comparison of the Themes and Poetic Logic in the Poems of Forugh, Akhavan, and Moshiri
Raheleh Nikjooy Tabrizi
Investigating the prevalent rate of behavioral disorders in primary school students of Southern Khorasan
Minoo Miri , Mohammad Ramazani, Fereydon Ramazani
A survey on cinematic adaptations of Gholam Hosein Saedi’s fictions
Reyhane Beyrami, Lale Kharazian
The impact of assessment for learning approach on academic math performance of students in eight grade of area 1 in Hamadan city
Mahmood Farhadian,Reza Yadegarzadeh
Using laser pulses very fast in semiconductors and dielectrics photovoltaic solar cells
S.N.Hosseinimotlagh, S.Shahbazi.Seifabad, H.Kaviani.Samani
Co-existence of history of mathematics and education of mathematics
Saeed seyed agha banihashemi
The role of history of mathematics in mathematics education
Saeed seyed agha banihashemi, Nafiseh Madany
Influence of intercalation of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) into Mg-Al Layered double hydroxide (LDH) on Optical Properties, Thermal Behavior and the Electron Spin Resonance of Mg-Al Layered double hydroxide
Samaneh Babakhani, Samad Hamzehei, Zainal Abidin Talib, Abdullah Ahmed Ali Ahmed
The Effects of Qur'an on the Poetry of Hafiz and Abu-al-Atahiyeh
Morteza Heidari, PhD. ,Sedigheh Asadi Mejarreh,Elias Mousavi
Application of cement in the cold asphalt mixture to improve the endurance properties and preventing rutting
Sepehr Saedi, Golnar Sadeghian Asl
Salesman problem, the challenges and the comparison solutions through artificial bee colony algorithm and genetic algorithm
Seyed Hadi Sayedaina
A Translation in Literary Canons
Mahvash Gholami; Seyed Hossein Nabavi Peelesaraei
Evolution of the Rules of Mitigating Punishment for Multiple Crimes in the Islamic Penal Code 2013
Seyed Rafe Shojaie Nejad, Seyed Rauf Shojaie Nejad, Mehdi Mohammad Zade
A Critique of the Foundations of the Principles of Multiplicity of Crimes Punishable by Tazir in the Islamic Penal Code 2013
Seyed Rafe Shojaie Nejad, Seyed Rauf Shojaie Nejad, Mehdi Mohammad Zade
A Study on Problematic Social Situations in Mentally Retarded Students
Abbas Ali Hosseinkhanzadeh, Seyyedeh Zahra Seyyed Noori, Roghaie Karimi, Mahboobe Taher
A survey on cinematic adaptations of Gholam Hosein Saedi’s fictions
Sima Bavari
The relationship between personality characteristics, perceived stress and hostility with psychosomatic disorders
Soheila Zakizadeh, Saeed Bakhtiarpour
Objectives, principles and methods of education in Nahjolbalaqeh
Soltan Parviz, Jamshid Gomroki, Reza Alam
A psychoanalytical investigation and analysis of characters in "the eyes" based on Mayerz Briggs psychological- character type.
Sulmaz Mozaffari , Shahla Rostami
Comparative study of Educative principles and goals from Imam Khomeini`s and John Dewey`s viewpoint
Syede Fateme Ebrahim, Attaollah. Ganji Khezerlak, Ali Bahrami
Persian books contents analyzing ( reading and writing) of elementary school to see it`s amount of relation with citizenship training concepts.
Tahere Bakhshipoor, Seyede Fateme Ebrahimi, Maryam Amouie
Analysis of the magic and charm of the Chi ChiKahas of Hormozgan province
TayariIlaghi.Monavvareh, NajibifarFini.Behjat
An Investigation into the Relationship between Managers’ Technical, Human, and Perceptual Skills and Level of Satisfaction of High School Teachers of Kerman (Iran) in 2014 – 15 School Year
Zahra Shokooh Shams-Al-Dini, Fatemeh Sadat Robati
The Relationship between Conservatism and Stock Pricing
Zeinab Kavoosi
A study on the Simultaneous Parameters Effect of Velocity, Pressure Drop and Water Content of Natural Gases in Designing Systems for Internal Corrosion Protection of Pipelines
Aboutaleb Ghadami Jadval Ghadam, Reza Ahmadipour
Pool boiling heat transfer coefficient of pure liquids using dimensional analysis
A.R.Zahedipoor ,A.Malekzadeha, Sh.Eslami,M.Shahamatpoor
Kinetic Study of Esterification of Lactic Acid with Ethanol using IonExchange Resin
A.R.Zahedipoor ,S.Daneshyari, A.Malekzadeha ,Sh.Eslami
Synthesis of 1,2-trans-Glycosides From Lactose 1-o-Pivaloyl Donor
Ahmad Nikseresht
Morphology, Rheology and Electrical Properties of PLA/PP Blends Filled with Graphene
Fateme Pashaei Soorbaghi, Maryam Jafari, Azin Paydayesh
Investigation of energy saving opportunities in Sarkhoun gas refinery via pinch analysis
Akram Atefi Dezghi, Jamshid Khorshidi
The position of Romanticism in Sohrab's philosophic poetry and his worldview
Ayat Shokati
Measuring mercury in samples of dry sweet gas and sour gas feed using the atomic absorption method in Ilam gas refinery
Shahriar Abbasi , behzad Parchampoor, saeed rashidi
Academic self-efficacy and social anxiety with psychological well-being of high school students
Jafar Chianeh,Shokoufeh Kasraie
The role of consultants in advisory, training, vocational services of students and improving the quality psychosocial – social statues of schools
Jafar Chianeh, Anvar Rasoulian
Spectrophotometric Determination of Acidity Constants of N-(2,6-dimethyl-4-(4-methyl piperazine-1-ylsulfonyl)) Acetamide in Binary Ethanol–Water Mixtures
Jalal Reisi , Ensiyeh Sarafraz, Mohammad Javad Hosseinizadeh
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructures (PFOB-NEP) as bee venom (BV) melittin
Hadis Rahmani Incheh Keykanlu , Saeid Zibaei, Mehdi Ardjmand , Ali Akbar Safekordi
the enzymatic epoxidation of corn oil: studying the effect of temperature, reaction time, content of H2 O2, and lipase
Rokhsareh Khorasani , Dr. Zinat Gordi , Dr. Fatemeh Ravari , Dr. Raheleh Rahbarian
Optimization of plate-fin type heat exchanger in the carbon dioxide removal operation by the entropy generation minimization method using MATLAB software in Ammonia Plant of Kermanshah Petrochemical Co.
Saeed Ovaysi ,Zakieh Rostami ,Amir salarabadi, Maryam Heidaryan, Hooshyar Rezaei, Mohamad Amin Rostami
Investigation of the affecting parameters on the modification and construction of the silver electrode/ copper nanoparticle/ polypyrrole and ligand to remove the pollutants existing in the petro-chemistry wastewater
Zakieh Rostami ,Arsalan parvareh,Amir salarabadi, Maryam Heidaryan, Hooshyar Rezaei , Mohamad Amin Rostami
Improved water-absorbent polymer (hydrogel) Nano composite based on pva using the two kinds of Nano Clay (modified and unmodified)
Sanaz Sepahvand,Mohammad Mohseni,Moslem Sohrabi manesh, Mohammad Reza Sepahvand,Tolou Hatami, ,Amir Hosein Yousefvand
The effect of temperature changes on the mineral deposits of calcium sulfate in oil exploitation well
Seyed Hossein Hashemi a , Seyed Mohsen Hosseinib , Ali Reza Behzadic , Wafa Abdolahzadehd
Producing Bio fertilizer from CO2 Gas
Alireza Farzinezhadizadeha, Ehsan Darounehb
The Protection of Witnesses and Informants in Iranian and Chinese Criminal Law as well as International Documents
Fateme Fallahnejad, Terife Aghamajidi
Removal of phenol from aqueous solutions by activated carbon derived from poplar saw dust
Fatemeh Sabermahani1, Reza Modaberian2
Statistical modeling of products selectivity of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis on Fe_Mn catalyst
Kamran saiady borazjani, Hossein Atashi
Synthesis of some derivatives of 2-(coumarin-4-yloxy)-N’-(arylmethylidine)acetohydrazide using nano ZnO as catalyst
Enayatollah Mottaghinejad1*, Maryam Tat Asadi2
Synthesis of 3-sulfenyl indole derivatives by Perchloric acid–functionalized silica nanosphere as green and novel catalyst
Fluorescence and Absorption studies of the binding of cobalt Imidazole phenantroline derivative to ct-DNA: A Thermodynamic Approach
Authors:N. Sohrabi*1, M.Eslami Moghadam2, F. Ghanavatian1
Photocatalytic Air Purification of Nanostructure TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering
Naimeh Seifvand, Elahe Kowsari
The analysis of new findings of atomic and galactic physics inMolana’s poetry
Hooman Sarboland
Some new results on subgroup defined by Automorphisms identities
Mohammad Javad Sadeghifard
A survey on Iranian EFL learners’ Speaking-in-class Anxiety
Roya Movahed * Hossein Ali Manzouri
An investigation into the causes of suicide in the city of Shahrekord during the years 2010-2014
Zahra Shri'ati
Type of Study: Research | Subject: Foreign language teaching and learning
Received: 2018/09/25 | Accepted: 2018/09/25 | Published: 2018/09/25

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